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Healing Service: 3rd Monday 6:00 – 7:15 PM before Service to Spirit.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Soul’s Home Workshop with Suzanne Hanger Details Do you know the spiritual purpose of your home? If you need healing, how can you use your home to heal your mind, body, and spirit? Join us for meditations and fun exercises to discover the Journey to Your Soul’s Home®. Together we’ll: ♥ Distinguish the voice of […]

Monday, October 14, 2019

Shamanic Spirituality with Diane Drakely   Monday, October 14, 2019   Details Shamanic Spirituality: Small Ways to Heal the World Around You   The earth we live in is beautiful and benevolent; it supports us. We, in turn, can love and support the earth in many small ways. Learn ways to bless the earth that […]

Monday, October 21, 2019

Integrating the Sacral and Cervico-Thoracic Light Distributors with Wanda Lasseter-Lundy via Skype   Monday, October 21, 2019   The Sacral and Cervico-Thoracic Light Distributors are two large chakras that sit behind the seven major chakras. The distributors pull light in from the crown and break it down into the colors and waves needed for creation. […]

Monday, October 28, 2019

Ascension: Evolution of the Mind with Joey Adams   Monday, October 28, 2019   Join Joseph as he discusses the topic of Ascension, the evolution of the mind. In the fabric of creation there are natural laws of how consciousness may ascend. There is a structure to the way we are to reunite with our […]

We Believe...

It is the purpose of God (or whatever you call the Divine Spirit) that humanity shall grow and understand our own divine nature so as to manifest physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wholeness, health and well-being. It is the purpose of humanity to express divine truth, love, peace, and wisdom through service to Spirit and to all our fellow beings. We believe everyone is Love and desires to come back to their true nature. We heal to our capacity to love, evolve, and manifest. Love is the ultimate power to create your life. Love sets you free to be whole. Divine Creator creates from divine love without judgment.

We Recognize...

It is your right to choose your own path to wholeness in Spirit. We are a non-denominational, metaphysical church of spiritual seekers who come together with compassionate, open hearts to reconnect ourselves with the Divine. We are One in Spirit, Love, Peace, and Joy. All energy comes from Divine Source, which is also within each of us. You are a part of Divine Source. Each evening service includes teaching and healing.

We are called to...

We are Called by God (or whatever you call Divine Spirit) to provide service to God and humanity and assemble ourselves in fellowship and love to give that service. Through service, the Church provides divine healing energies to those in need. We provide spiritual education and guidance about the many methods and means of healing and opportunities for spiritual development. We minister to the spiritual needs of those who seek truth and divine healing.

What should you expect

You will be warmly welcomed by our multinational community who meet each Monday evening at 7:30 PM in Falls Church, VA. Rays of Healing Church is held at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment. Taste a slice of unconditional love while growing your spiritual knowledge and connection to your Divine self and those around you. You will learn how to heal yourself.

Highly-regarded energy healers and alternative medicine practitioners help us understand the art and science behind a wide array of energy healing modalities intended to raise your spiritual consciousness through learning and practice. You might see 30 or more different energy healing modalities during the course of the year. Group healing is part of most services, whether within a meditation or within an interactive experience that gives you an opportunity to meet others.

Our seasoned speakers bring a wide array of experience—from intuitive healers, psychic-intuitives, sound and crystal healers, mediums, shamans, and astrologers to psychologists, doctors, social workers, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists, and ayurvedic medicine professionals.

On the third Monday of each month, our Founder shares Divine inspiration her spiritual wisdom, love, and wonderful sense of humor. Each service concludes with a healing prayer for those present and those on the prayer list. Free healing sessions are provided by a group of ministers and healers on the third Monday of each month from 6-7: 15 PM. It’s a feel-good experience, whether you are new to mystical experiences or a seasoned energy healer.

Our “Service to Spirit” may, depending on location, include:

  1. Healing, spiritual, and metaphysical presentations from seasoned professionals

  2. Group healing meditations

  3. Every service offers a group healing prayer and distance healing led by a Rays of Healing minister

  4. 3rd Monday each month healing sessions for individuals conducted by a group of ministers and church members

Own your power

We welcome spiritual seekers at all levels to learn, share and teach others


We are a non denominational fellowship of spiritual beings who come together to learn, share, heal and teach about healing practices for the health and spiritual development of ourselves and others


“I value the Rays of Healing meetings since it brings me together with like-minded spiritual seekers and in spite of years of training and experience, I always learn something new” Rodrigo Ortiz

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