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We Believe....

It is the purpose of God and Spirit that humanity shall grow and understand our own divine nature so as to manifest physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wholeness, health and well being. It is the purpose of humanity to express divine truth, love, peace, and wisdom through service to Spirit and to all our fellow beings. Through so doing, we achieve oneness of spirit, unity, balance, harmony, and enlightenment.

We Are Called To....

  • Offer unconditional love to all beings
  • Provide service to God and humanity through all our gifts and talents
  • Assemble ourselves in fellowship and love to give that service
  • Share divine healing energies with all who wish to receive
  • Provide classes and education about the many methods and means of healing and opportunities for spiritual development
  • Minister to the spiritual needs of those who seek truth and divine healing
  • Assist in furthering spiritual understanding on earth

We Recognize....

The right of all beings to choose his/her own path to wholeness in spirit. We are a non-denominational, metaphysical church. Each evening service includes teaching or healing session or both for individuals provided by Rays Of Healing members. Please email to schedule an appointment. Love offering is welcome

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