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About Rays of Healing Church

The Rays of Healing Church, Inc., is a church, incorporated as a non-profit, that is dedicated to providing healing energy to as many beings as possible as our service to spirit and humanity. We provide service not from a sense of duty, but from unconditional love and compassion for all beings. Our ministry is to provide:

  • Healing energy to our members and all others
  • Healing energy to those who would not routinely seek healing energy or who can not afford to see a practitioner
  • Opportunities for spiritual growth and development
  • Classes, education and experiential learning in healing modalities, enhancing intuition, and metaphysics
  • Opportunities to join this healing ministry as a member, minister, or as a new Chapter of the Church
  • Ordination of ministers in the following categories:
    • Healing ministers
    • Teaching ministers
    • Counseling ministers
  • Establishment of branch churches

The central Rays of Healing Church is located in Falls Church, Virginia. The Atlanta Chapter of Rays of Healing Church is located in Roswell, Georgia. The Baltimore Chapter of the Rays of healing is located in Baltimore, Maryland. For the detailed location information click here. Each church provides evening healing services known as “Service to Spirit”. Each minister of the Rays of Healing Church is a dedicated, experienced healing practitioner.

Our “Service to Spirit” may, depending on location, include:

  • Group healing meditations led by a Rays of Healing minister
  • Healing prayers and distance healing for those in need
  • Presentations on healing, spiritual, and metaphysical topics
  • Music and singing
  • Healing sessions for individuals conducted by one or a group of Church members and ministers.

Individual healing sessions are provided after the service. After the service, we provide a five-minute healing session on a first-come basis. After the prayers, meditation, and presentation, the individual healing sessions that are provided include healing energy provided by several practitioners and may also include an intuitive energy reading. All practitioners are welcome to share in this experience and gain more experience in intuitive healing. Appointments are required for individuals receiving the healing sessions. The individual sessions usually book six weeks in advance. A love offering is requested to cover the room rental and equipment expenses and to help fund additional healing sessions for those who cannot currently afford or would not otherwise receive this care.

Each Church may provide individual healing sessions at other times and locations, depending on funding of the Church through contributions of members, friends, and other donors to the nonprofit corporation.

Constitution and Bylaws

Documentation is downloadable as a pdf file from here.


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