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Barbara Maloney - Healing Minister
Rays of Healing Church, Inc.
Telephone: (703)-425-0658
E-Mail: butterflybarb1@verizon.net
Website: www.meetup.com/Rays-of-Healing

Barbara visited the Rays of Healing Church in support of a friends' presentation. She recognized that this is what she had been looking for! She discovered her calling to be an energy healer.

Barbara is a Special Education Teacher. She has experience with Acupressure and Reflexology and understands balancing Yin/Yang energy from her past experience with Zen Macrobiotics. She earned her Reiki Mastery through study with Senior Minister, Alice Jones and she is currently in a class studying "A Course in Miracles".

Barbara is an organizer of the Rays of Healing Church Event Website at http://www.meetup.com/Rays-of-Healing/ and a co-webmaster of this website.


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