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Mary Jo Fishburn












Dr. Mary Jo Fishburn - Healing Minister
Rays of Healing Church, Inc.
Telephone: 410-821-1785
E-Mail: mjfishburn@yahoo.com
Website: www.mjfishburnmd.com


Mary Jo Fishburn MD, is an integrative physician healer, with a special interest in helping others discover and own greater ease of movement.  She completed medical school in 1985,  Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 1990, and Board Certified in Medical Acupuncture in 1998.  She is committed to bringing dignity and collaborative, pragmatic, optimal wellness into health care. 
She provides:

  • Whole person perspective, for problems that affect lifestyle, movement, and function.
  • Hands-on healing modalities, including many gentle body work techniques.
  • Zero Balancing perspective and techniques, certified in 1996.
  • Medical acupuncture, since 1998.
  • Metaphysical healing, since 2008. 

She was ordained as a Minister of Healing in the Rays of Healing Church, in Summer, 2010.







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