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Sarah Anderson - Assistant Healing Minister
Rays of Healing Church, Inc.
Telephone: (770) 458-5619
E-Mail: s.a.anderson@mindspring.com


Sarah Anderson brings together the best of both energy and body based modalities in her practice called “ Synergy”. Sarah is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner as well as having trainings in fluid based cranial work, Magnetic Healing and Infinity Process. Sarah enjoys using her many years of teaching to educate her clients how to understand and work with their bodies and the healing process.

Sarah specializes in:

* Integrating the figure eight energies within the body ( Infinity Process)
* Working on the body as a way to balance / shift the energies off the body
* Using a fluid based modality to mobilize congested energy within the body
* Deepening the client’s healing process through the introduction of home based work (Neurofascial Process ™)
* Teaching clients ways to help themselves through simple hands on protocols, color, visualizations and sound
* Children / adults with physical or educational challenges

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