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Sherri DeTurk - Assistant Lead Minister
Rays of Healing Church, Inc.
Telephone: (770) 826-7467
E-Mail: Sherrisite@yahoo.com


Sherri DeTurk was born to healing. She was raised within a Unity Church with aunts who were Unity Ministers and who effected her life profoundly. Sherri began her spiritual education unusually early and consequently continues to learn and train on a daily basis.

She began working in the medical field at the ripe old age of 14, for a dentist in Decatur, GA. She continued to work in the medical field for many years before she began working as an energy worker and healing minister. She demonstrated an uncommon valor by stepping forward to work with Aids patients in a dental environment, providing care with love and compassion, in a time when those who were HIV positive were being shunned by many in the medical community.

Sherri has extensive managerial skills that she uses to the benefit of the Rays of Healing. She provides respite care for families of the disabled and elderly, providing them with an opportunity to get out, get away and heal a little from the 24/7 care they must provide their loved one.

As an energy-healing practitioner, she specializes in:

  • Providing you with Reiki energy for healing of your body, mind and spirit
  • Balancing your Charka to allow for your optimal healing
  • Using her special skills to connect you with Peace and Love

Sheri spends as much time as she possibly can tending her garden. She raises the herbs that she and her family depend on.

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