Monday, April 29, 2019

Aligning with Divine Time with Stephanie Courtney


In December of 2012 when the Mayan Calendar ended, some thought this was a sign that the end of time was near. At the time, only a few understood how the nature of time was shifting away from a calendar based on increments of 12 months to a year, and 60 minutes to an hour. The Mayan calendar is succeeded by a new calendar aligned with the universal Law of Time, based on 13 moon cycles and 20 vibrational seals. The 13 moon calendar, called “13:20” time is vibrationally aligned to the universal shifts underway as we progress through the ascension process. The new calendar provides us with the guidance required to align ourselves with the multidimensional cycles. As we move toward wholeness within ourselves, our inner universe comes into harmony with the universe around us. The process of “whole-ing” requires that we integrate with our higher self. The higher self carries a Galactic signature which is composed of a vibrational tone, and a vibrational seal. Each part of the signature has 3 attributes which can guide us in our daily intention to align with divine flow. If you would like to understand more about harmonizing your life with the divine flow of co-creation and manifestation, please join me for this presentation!


Stephanie Courtney is a listener and observer of things seen and unseen. She is a multi-dimensional energy worker and vibrational healer working with light, color, sound balancing, essential oils, and Cymatherapy. She works both in person and remotely. She teaches wellness care for the new crystalline body. She is also an ordained priest in the Sanctuary of the Beloved with the Order of Melchizedek.

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