Monday, March 25, 2019

Seichim – The Master Healing Energy with Mary Phelan


Are you drawn to Ancient Egypt? Does the word “Seichim” awaken something within you? Are you interested in connecting to the healing energy behind all things? If so, join Mary Phelan and take the first step on the Healer’s Journey into the land of the ancient Gods and Goddesses, all through the doorway of yourself.Seichim (Say Keem) is a conscious, Universal, multi-spectrum energy that is the true “Master Healing EnergyTM”. It is an Egyptian system of healing energy and wisdom and is ever evolving and growing. Seichim is ageless, having been discovered and rediscovered many times throughout history, and each time it expands and fills with new power. Going through the levels of Seichim is a journey into your true spiritual self.

Mary Phelan is the co-host of the popular television show, Telepathic TV and host of Inner Wisdom Radio. She is well known as an Intuitive Reader and Medium, EFT Practitioner and Trainer, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Seichim Master Teacher and Creator of the Mapping your Dreams Series guide to Dreamwork. She is the author and illustrator of the Inner Wisdom Cards, Spirit Animal Cards, Chakra Affirmation Cards and Mary’s Magical Message Cards. She holds trainings and workshops in her unique and groundbreaking techniques of Dream Interpretation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Seichim, Tarot, her popular Psychic Development Series and others. She offers private sessions via FaceTime, phone and Skype.

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