Monday, March 18, 2024

Teresa Jones


Monday, March 18, 2024

Tune Up Your Light Body

As we head into the emerging energies of this New Year, let us tune up our light body to uplift our spiritual self and renew our commitment to our spiritual health and wellbeing. Everyone has a light body, which is your true core spiritual self that exists eternally, and which is incarnated in your human body at this time. It has many names in different cultures and religious lineages, such as the super-conscious self, the higher soul etc.

Whether you are very new to the concept of your energetic self, or very aware of flowing with your energies, this exercise will be helpful in increasing your awareness of your integration with your multidimensional light body. It can give you a boost to raise your energy vibration to a higher level.

We will use tones to help activate your energy system, the personal and extra personal chakras and subtle energy bodies, freeing it to move, raise its vibration and harmonize its flow. A guided meditation will bring your awareness to clearing unprocessed emotions and patterns that no longer serve; will open the heart to receive more joy and love; assist in awakening insights and intuition; lead to experiencing oneness with All that Is and as it strengthens your light body you become a beacon and light worker for the world and your fellow being.

Join us as we enliven your existing light body to open you to more light nourishment for your physical body and mind.


Teresa is a Minister of the Rays of Healing Church. She has studied many spiritual paths, is on the faculty of the Wanda Lassiter Lundy Institute and presents at many venues, to include the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment. She has experience with many healing modalities to include Reiki, The Reconnection, Ascension One, Arcturian energy with Gene Ang, and the Stargate Academy. She is a graduate of the Light Body Institute, a Deeksha (Blessing) giver in the Sacred Wisdom School of the Oneness University, an ordained Minister in the Melchizedek Sanctuary of the Beloved, and is a longtime student of the Jedu Egyptian Mystery School. She also enjoyed a 40 year professional career in the US intelligence community.

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