Baltimore Minister


I am an Energy Visionary, tempered by a foundation of 32 years as an Electrical Engineer, my work is about bridging the gap between the physical and metaphysical worlds, physics and metaphysics. Exploring what physics has left behind. My work is very focused on the field of Energy, not only the energy of electrical circuits, but the energy within and surrounding our human bodies. I consider the human body to be our very own dynamic circuit that is shaped by our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Unlike our current day electronics, our human body it is not nearly as limited in its function or make up of its components. As humans have evolved, electrical engineering has followed in such a manner that shows how we design new technology because it tends to emulate the design of our human body. For example, the field of biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature as this field intersects biology and technology.

Concurrently, over the most recent 8 years, my work in the area of intuitive energy healing, mindfulness practices, spiritual growth, soul development and my intentional acceleration of expanding my consciousness has led me to such profound discoveries of how the majority of my electrical engineering knowledge, experience and designs explain the very components, circuitry, energy flows, and inner workings of our energetic and electrical based human body. My work spans the coverage from smaller scale electronics such as circuit boards to a much large scale such as our electrical power grid. My research and ongoing access to greater divine wisdom informs me of such an amazing set of parallels. This wisdom is derived from my heart, accompanied by my mind and body such that my clear intention has always been about helping others and the greater good of humanity. Our more hardened and structured electrical circuits we have designed in this world are a stepping stone, formed and informed by our subconscious minds, but as that process becomes more conscious, we begin to see that we are creating more dynamic electrical circuitry in this world to mimic our human dynamic circuitry and this is what I call “The Body Electric”.

Douglas Macauley
Warrior of the Heart