Burke Minister


Teresa Jones has developed her intuition and energy skills since childhood. These include modalities such as Reiki and The Reconnection.  She is a graduate of the multi-year Orin and Daben Light Body course and completed a three-year intensive in Egyptian Jedu healing techniques. She is a certified Oneness Blessing Giver, Oneness University.  An ordained minister with the Sanctuary of the Beloved and Rays of Healing, she has worked with many people in person and long distance to facilitate their healing on many levels. A certified faculty member for EnergyMasters Institute.

Teresa Jones blends her left and right brain talents into a nicely balanced whole. With a BA in Foreign Affairs, and an MA in National Security Strategy, she was an analyst, mentor, and manager for 40 years, working for the Federal Government and contractors in many areas concerning national security before her retirement.  She spent many years overseas, has always been active in the local community, and raised three happy and successful sons with her husband of 35 years.